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My drum studio is located in Salem, Oregon, but I offer online drum lessons to students anywhere. Using a unique multi and in-screen format, the online drum lessons are dynamic, interactive and fun. With over 20 years experience teaching drums and 10 years teaching online, I’ve developed a curriculum that is flexible and tailored to an individual’s learning style. I write custom lesson plans based on each student’s goals. Students also receive audio and/or video drumming samples to use at home. My goal is to create a relaxing, enjoyable learning experience, while helping to build confidence and skill.

What you will need:

  • Drum set, practice pad, or snare drum
  • Computer (desktop or laptop) or tablet/phone
  • Video chat app — Skype or Zoom

For a better online interactive experience, it’s very helpful if there is a decent bandwidth/Wi-Fi signal in the home. A Wi-Fi booster or locating the drums near a router can make for a better lesson flow.

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