Former Student

I took lessons from Roger from the age of 9 up until I left for college, and I even took lessons when I was home from college when I had the chance! Roger is the best drummer I know, and he’s even better at teaching than he is at playing. He ALWAYS makes it fun, and he understands how to alter and adapt his teaching methods/ style to fit the needs of the individual student. He will teach you nearly any style of drumming you want to learn, so you can play in any musical genre that interests you. Basically, he teaches you whatever it is you want to learn, while still making sure that you get all the fundamentals as well. You won’t meet a nicer, more patient, more enthusiastic individual, with SERIOUS drum skills. He loves the drums, and because of him I do too.

— Matt Pharisien

Online Student

Before my son started taking drum lessons from Roger, we would commute an 1 1/2 to 2 hours back and forth to get to lessons with other music schools. My son started taking lessons with Roger when he was six and he is currently eleven. Roger has done an awesome job transforming him from a six year old, who would relentlessly beat the drums without mercy, to a talented musician that the local high school band teachers can’t wait to get in their class. I love that Roger offers online lessons that are affordable and flexible. My son does lessons from my office using my smartphone or laptop. Roger has different screens that show him playing, along with the sheet music lessons, and fun drumming games. It’s super easy and convenient, especially when there are bad weather conditions or my son is doing seasonal sports. So before you sign your kid up for an expensive music school and shuttle them back and forth through traffic. Check out what Roger has to offer! We have been very satisfied customers.

–Brandon Grover

Online Student

My name is Pierre and I am a senior in High School. I have been doing online lessons with Roger for around 7 years now and I guarantee you will not regret making the move to online lessons. The lessons are extremely high quality and Roger makes every lesson very fun and interactive. With the use of different camera angles and different drawing tools, it feels as if you are learning the different rhythms with Roger in the studio. I would definitely recommend the online lessons and give them a shot. 

–Pierre N.

Sibling Students

My son and daughter took online lessons with Roger for many years, from elementary school through high school. Roger was recommended to us by our private school’s music teacher. Roger is incredibly patient and skillful. He kept my kids interested in their lessons by responding to their moods and shifting material on the fly as needed.

I was amazed that Roger was able to keep the kids attentive, interested, and learning skills in the online format. My son was the top jazz drummer of his middle school! My daughter continued with lessons throughout some challenging years of adolescence. Roger is a talented teacher who will encourage your child to progress at their own pace.

He can even help you to adjust your drum set online. We are so fortunate to have Roger as our drum teacher — he is a gem!

— Sun-Inn Shih


My daughter took lessons from Roger from the age of 10-15. She is on the shy side, and Roger was able to make her feel at ease and elicit increasingly complex drumming from her over the years. I often sat in on the lessons and he has a variety of drills, games, and techniques he uses to teach new patterns and challenge his students. He involves his students by letting them bring in their own songs and is also willing to help tackle specific pieces for school or performance. From a parent perspective, he is well-organized, communicates clearly, and makes every effort to accommodate schedules and offer make-up lessons if needed. He is a pro, both as a drummer and a teacher. My kids have had a variety of tutors/teachers over the years for different instruments and school, and Roger is the “Gold Standard.”

— Colleen Dunn

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